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 China's most famous professional racing team -- their honorable spirit guides them in pursuit of glory!
 Age: 27 Birthplace: Shanghai Height: 1.80 m Weight: 73 kg
With a firm gaze and strong sense of honor, this driver has a precise and calculated driving style.
This is Blaze, leader of the CHINA RACE team, and China's top-ranked professional racer.
Aside from his personal skill, Blaze knows everything there is to know about the world of racing, making him an idol for would-be racers everywhere.
Due to Blaze's efforts over the past few years, the CHINA RACE team has made remarkable achievements in various competitions.
Although Blaze's original goal was to capture the SDGP championship, a shocking announcement from the mysterious racer called Bae has led him to refocus his efforts to the Survival Arena, where his fate hangs in the balance...
 Age: 23 Birthplace: Jiangsu Height: 1.56 m Weight: 42 kg
If Blaze is the role model of the CHINA RACE team, Sakura is their super-idol!
Her looks, driving skills, and her car --nicknamed "Lunar" – are all a part of her unique spark and beauty…and she drives her fans crazy!
While Sakura has gradually become an exceptional driver, she faces an almost insurmountable barrier.
This barrier has nothing to do with her skills on the racecourse, but rather it exists deep within her heart...
 Age: 38 Birthplace: Shandong Height: 1.92 m Weight: 90 kg
With the heart and soul of an army drillmaster, Jong is the one man who's responsible for CHINA RACE's overseas training.
Aside from keeping tabs on his own team's budding young drivers, Jong also keeps his keen eye on their competitors!
Jong can be a bit harsh, and he always demands that his drivers stay on their best behavior. In some ways, Jong values his drivers' moral character even more than their driving skills!
All those who undergo Jong's training must study hard and learn to embrace CHINA RACE's spirit of honorable competition.
Driven by his own sense of honor, Jong doesn't miss any opportunity to instill his beliefs in the young drivers he trains.