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 Leaders of the new wave of drivers, this team is out for blood and eager for battle! Wolf and SIRIUS are about to start a new legend!
 Age: 32 Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 1.78 m Weight: 56 kg
Wolf is a legend among Taiwan's street racers, but after the formation of SIRIUS, Wolf almost decided to call it quits.
After a period of soul-searching, however, Wolf broke out of his stupor and has once again embarked on his solitary journey.
Although in frail health, Wolf has accepted the SPEED DRIVER challenge!
Wolf had originally planned to quit SIRIUS, but after displaying his uncanny driving skills during a match, he unexpectedly found himself in the spotlight and he gained new followers.
Now, the lone wolf is now once again at the head of a ferocious pack!
Wolf and the new SIRIUS are about to start a new legend in SD3!
 Age: 27 Birthplace: Hunan Height: 1.70 m Weight: 61 kg
Once a key member of the FUTURE DRIVER program that sought to transform racers, the failure of Dr. Choi's program left him with a burning desire to complete his research.
In the frail driver called Wolf, Dr. Choi found not only the ideal research subject, but also a comrade-in-arms.
Now, Dr. Choi is both Wolf's primary physician and a driver.
At every race, Dr. Choi continues his research, searching for discoveries that will prove his theory about what makes a champion.
 Age: 18 Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 1.85 m Weight: 76 kg
Born to an aboriginal family, Shou is a natural-born hunter, full of ambition and energy.
After leaving his village, Shou found city life dull and drifted into a period of depression. All that changed when he discovered his talent for street racing, a sport he has dedicated his life to. Because of Shou's unique history, his desire to improve his skills is stronger than any of his peers.
After challenging and losing to Wolf, he decided to join SIRIUS in order to study their racing techniques.
Shou has made Wolf his role model, and he hopes to discover what makes Wolf so strong.
 Age: 10 Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 1.30 m Weight: 26 kg
Rena is an adorably innocent young girl who loves nature. But, although she is young, she has far greater instincts and insights than most people when it comes to her surroundings.
The first time she got into Shou's car, she instantly fell in love with this high-speed world that she had never experienced before.
Riding shotgun and acting as a navigator, Rena's perception is amazingly clear. While she has no racing experience, she is somehow able to objectively observe every curve and vehicle on the racetrack, and give the driver accurate advice. Of course, she's still a kid and her childish expressions still sometimes make people smile.