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 Though they have left the Great Wall behind, the free-spirited NIGHT LADY team still shines bright!
 Age: 27 Birthplace: Beijing Height: 1.70 m Weight: 48 kg
The most famous driver from the Great Wall, Freya and her sister are known as the "Great Wall Yen Twins."
After the second SDGP, Freya decided to take a break from the Great Wall. She then took the members of NIGHT LADY on a training trip.
Freya vowed that NIGHT LADY would emerge stronger from the exhaustive training.
Freya has studied every type of racetrack and has physically and mentally prepared herself to challenge every driver who dares to take her on.
Their journey has just begun, a journey that will change NIGHT LADY's fate forever...
 Age: 27 Birthplace: Beijing Height: 1.70 m Weight: 47 kg
Although she is the twin sister of Freya, Shannon is more than just NIGHT LADY's driver in doubles races.
Not only does Shannon know everything about her teammates, but she is also the most important communicator and facilitator on the eccentric NIGHT LADY squad.
Over the course of SD3, Shannon will discover what distinguishes her from Freya as the "Yen Twins" develop an entirely new cooperative style.
 Age: 19 Birthplace: Unknown Height: 1.58 m Weight: 45 kg
The beautiful Bell turns heads and is the talk of the town.
Bell's personality is highly changeable, and her moods shift frequently.
While a very competent engine tuner and racecar designer herself, Bell is completely different from her fellow designer, Sion.
Bell has only one rule in her professional life: "Never let function interfere with beauty." Because of her dedication to her art, Bell's work is highly sought after by both female racers other racing champions.
After being introduced to Freya and Shannon, she accepted their invitation to join NIGHT LADY, and has become their sole tuner and designer.
However, despite being her teammates, neither Freya nor Shannon knows anything about Bell's mysterious background!
This makes Bell a popular topic for gossip and rumor in the racing world.