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 MILKY WAY may not have much history, but its meteoric rise makes it impossible to ignore.
 Age: 24 Birthplace: Hong Kong Height: 1.82 m Weight: 71 kg
Sion initially enjoyed a great reputation in the racing world as an engine tuner.
However, after experiencing firsthand the excitement of several intense races in Macao, Sion could not ignore his passionate desire to become a racer himself!
Upon returning to his hometown of Hong Kong, Sion began splitting his time between his successful racecar building business and making a name for himself and his team on the racing circuit.
With Sion at the helm, MILKY WAY attracted several new racers with a lot of potential.
However, as MILKY WAY gradually grows stronger, Sion's love for creating and building the perfect racecar is also growing...
 Age: 18 Birthplace: Manchester Height: 1.65 m Weight: 55 kg
Felton is without a doubt the best driver to ever grace the MILKY WAY racetrack, which was built by Nadina's family.
Felton stands out from among the other MILKY WAY trainees not only for his natural talents but also for his cockiness and arrogance.
Thanks to its generous funding, MILKY WAY has its own private racetrack and training center, which includes the most modern training equipment.
However, racing on a training course and racing in the real world are two very different things…and while Felton has near-perfect skills and knowledge, he has almost no actual racing experience.
This makes Felton eager for any opportunity to race, so that he may prove his abilities on the track.
 Age: 19 Birthplace: Paris Height: 1.60 m Weight: 48 kg
Sion's plans for MILKY WAY have Nadina's whole-hearted support.
Nadina long ago discovered her love of racing, so she set up a race track suitable for professional drivers, complete with all the latest cutting-edge training equipment.
Nadina's track has provided MILKY WAY with an ideal training environment.
However, Sion is troubled by the fact that despite all of this, Nadina's personal driving skills haven't improved all that much.
Self-confident though she may be, Nadina is about to experience something that will change everything...