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 The mysterious HADES controls all underground racing...Its new mastermind, Bae, just made an announcement that rocked the racing world!
 Age: 42 Birthplace: Unknown Height: 1.87 m Weight: 75 kg
The powerful Bae is the new mastermind of the secretive, underground HADES organization.
Although Bae looks and carries himself like a gentleman, little is known about this dark master. The HADES team is already known for their forceful style…and they essentially control the racing world.
After Bae's surprising announcement that the SA races had replaced the SDGP competition, the racing world has once again been thrown into chaos.
No racers can agree on Bae's true identity or his goals.
Actually, what motivated Bae to carry out his plan is a desire to fulfill a secret long-lost dream...
 Age: 22 Birthplace: Hong Kong Height: 1.74 m Weight: 61 kg
A wildman by nature, Ching completely lost control after the failure of the SUPER DRIVER program.
While people say he has lost his mind, Ching's driving skills are still strong and he finally defeated his long-time target – Sean.
However, unable to control himself, the wild Ching constantly challenges every driver he comes across, and has gained a reputation as the "Crimson Devil" that no racer wants to meet.
Now, the unstoppable Ching is under Bae's mysterious influence.
Will this put an end to Ching's destructive ways? --- Or is this only the calm before the storm?