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 Other important figures in the legend of SPEED DRIVER...
 Age: 25 Birthplace: Unknown Height: 1.74 m Weight: 70 kg
After the events on Mt. Ali, Moon became the heir to the SPEED DRIVER champion, Drake. With his unbeatable car called "Red Lightning," he always leaves challengers eating his dust.
But in the last month, Moon simply vanished.
His disappearance is the object of much speculation in the racing world. The most shocking of all the rumors is that the mysterious underground racing organization, HADES, has kidnapped Moon!
The storm surrounding SPEED DRIVER has mercilessly sucked Moon in…can he ever escape?
 Age: 44 Birthplace: Unknown Height: 1.81 m Weight: 79 kg
SPEED DRIVER Drake has been the undisputed king of the racing world for twenty years.
His legend is known by every driver.
However, no one truly knows the beginning of the SPEED DRIVER legend and the reasons Drake has for keeping his past in the dark.
Aside from recent challenges from young and very skilled drivers, Drake is about to once again face the unknown in "The Passing"…
The SPEED DRIVER legend's past, present, and future are about to be revealed!
 Age: 28 Birthplace: Hong Kong Height: 1.78 m Weight: 66 kg
Following the failure of the FUTURE DRIVER program and after being utterly defeated by the out-of-control Ching, Sean's confidence suffered two heavy blows.
However, one-time rival Moon turned out to be the person who helped him rise again.
Sean had to swallow his pride and ask for help from Dr. Choi, who was instrumental in the FUTURE DRIVER program, and from Sion, who re-tuned Sean's car – "Thor".
Now, Sean has only one goal: to personally destroy the demon that he created.
Can Sean recover his strength in time to save the day?
 Age: 45 Birthplace: Unknown Height: 1.95 m Weight: 136 kg
He is big and he is strong, but Hanson always has a warm smile on his face, and reminds you of a friendly neighbor.
The huge Hanson drives a tiny car he calls "Titan," and he always surprises people who meet him for the first time as he's nothing like they expected.
Hanson keeps a low profile, and rarely enters races.
However, the few who have ever raced against him say that Hanson's tiny "Titan" performs far beyond expectations.
In the heat of competition, Hanson's has a laser focus and his personality completely changes, becoming nothing like his normal self.