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Beside to saving game progress,
SD3 cards can save the data of players' car modification and team stats.
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‧They save your game data completely.
‧SD3 game cards can be used on other IGS arcade cabinets.
‧You can transfer your bonus from SD1 and SD2 cards to SD3 cards.
‧Each card can be used up to 500 times. Please purchase a new one when it reaches the limit of usage.
‧Do not use inappropriate words as your name.
‧If you choose "NO" at confirmation page, you can activate the card next time.
‧Transmission mode can be changed at the Profile page.
‧A SD1/SD2 card can be used for data transfer unlimited times.
‧The SD1/SD2 cards can still be used in SD1/SD2 game after data transfer.
‧After data transfer, the bonus will be saved in SD3 game card.
‧If data transfer fails, players can try data transfer and card activation again.