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SD3 original sound tracks are produced by IGS Ultrawave Studio.
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01 Propulsion (ringtone) CHIH-MING LIAO
02 SD3 Come on (ringtone) CHIH-MING LIAO
03 Breack the ice (ringtone) CHUN-YEN HO
04 Dirty weed (ringtone) TRJ
05 Saying (ringtone) TRJ
06 Fragment (ringtone) CHUN-YEN HO
07 Ride with me (ringtone) CHUN-YEN HO
08 Tell me why (ringtone) CHUN-YEN HO
09 Tell me why 2 (ringtone) CHUN-YEN HO
10 Slave for you (ringtone) CHIH-MING LIAO
11 Wild rose (ringtone) CHIH-MING LIAO