Speed rider is the title desired by riders who are crazy for customization and extreme speed. Speed riders want more than victory—a beautiful and complete defeat of their rivals is their goalsTo achieve, they would have to be mindful about all details including vehicle customization and riding skills.

Speed motorcycle races that are not regulated by law are held underground in Asia. Among all the participating fleets, Fortress takes the lead due to its superb customization skills.Tyrant, one of the founders of Fortress, stole the best skill from Fortress and established Lon, a crazy racing fleet composed by many professional riders.He did so is to surpass Fortress and be dominant in racing world.

Players are the future stars of the racing world. They pursue extreme speed by constantly upgrading their motorbikes and skills.They defeat strong rivals from Lon and other fleets to take back the stolen skills so as to revive Fortress and bring back its glory.

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