As a novel rider, you came across Mia, a rider from school’s motorbike club when you practice on Sanxia Dam.Mia takes great interest in your new bike and places a challenge to you. She is very confident about this track and her self-customized car.Are you ready for this very first challenge?

After defeating Mia, you heard that her brother Willy is one member of Fortress, the most powerful fleet in the legend. Willy is very interested in meeting you and challenges to race you again in Sanxia.For the first time, you meet the young rider with customized vehicles from Fortress, a famous speed racing team. His glorious and splendid vehicles is the custom product by their studio.

Although you defeated Willy in your previous race, yet your strength is still not recognized.Willy challenged you for an unfair two-on-one race. With the chasing and sandwich attack by both Mia and Willy, you will be famous if you win this game.Even more, you may be able to join Fortress, the most powerful fleet in the legend.If so, your dream to get stronger and faster is just within reach.

Right after joining Fortress, you soon know the gap between your and other riders in terms of skills. You took Shawn’s advice and received the training from Vivian and Lily.After a lap of riding on the linear track in Taipei, you found a rider on a special bike overtaking you in an overwhelmingly fast manner.Vivian and Lily immediately found that the vehicle was Fortress’s treasure bike stolen away by Tyrant.Vivian and Lily asked you to catch up with Aura.

Failing to catch up with Aura, Vivian and Lily were suddenly stopped by Jonson from Lon.Keen on defeating Fortress riders, Johnson told you that Tyrant was just trying Aura’s performance.Johnson was provocative and agreed to give you for more news if you accept his challenge.This is your first race against Lon riders. Show them the legend of Fortress—victory.

The race is not over yet even if Johnson is overtaken by you. Craze, the crazy rider of Lon, showed up and team up with Johnson to sandwich you.At this moment, Shawn, the captain of Fortress appeared, making it a two-on-two race. The battle is just like a splendid dance at midnight.Obtaining the victory, you learned the news that Tyrant and Lilith, the customization researcher, are customizing Aura in Helongjiang in the northern land.

Along the way, you’re heading towards a professional rider gradually. In front of you are crazy riders of Lon before you can finally challenge Tyrant.To win Tyrant, it is a must to defeat these riders in Lon.Place your challenge and get a final result by betting on your fame.

You've come to the silver belt in the north land of Heilongjiang. While he looks for Tyrant and Lilith, he came across Chang, a secret agent working for the Chinese government.To find out everything about Aurora and Lon, Chang, who is always calm and rational, came along to Heilongjiang. However, he didn't expect to come across Fortress racers. He proposed a battle to trade you with intelligence.Join the race and get to see the strength of Fortress!

After learning the news from Chang, you continue looking for Tyrant. While you found him, he was racing against Kagemaru, a ninja racer with solid strength.Without Aura, Tyrant’s tremendous momentum was still overwhelmingly impressive. Even so, Kagemaru was equally competitive against Tyrant.You are about to join this race; however, it is impossible for you to keep up with Kagemaru and Tyrant in terms of speed and skills.As for your intrusion, Kagemaru gave his warning but you disregarded it.Your behavior has made Kagemaru to switch attention from Tyrant towards you.In this situation, Tyrant just walked away, leaving you racing against Kagemaru.

You were unable to do anything about Tyrant’s disappearance. While you were about to leave Heilongjiang, you accidentally came across Lilith, the customization researcher.Lilith made fun of your boldness and ignorance in racing against Tyrant with his perfect combination with Aura.She teasingly challenged you to win her before you challenge Tyrant.. Although you made it, the gap between you and Tyrant in terms of strength is still huge.

To enhance the strength of Fortress, Shawn decided to help you break through your obstacles.He gave you a series of trainings in Shanghai, during which you learned how challenging it is to win Shawn.In the meantime, Vivian and Lily were trying their best to assist you.With help from these powerful and stable racers, you bravely try to reach beyond your limit and surpass those brilliant racers in Fortress.

You are about to create your new legend by racing against Tyrant and his ultimate vehicle, Aura. With assistance from your mates in Fortress, you are heading towards the terminal point.Now, will you be the winner?

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