In the vividly simulated Great Dam track, players can get a joyful speed ride in the forest and ancient cities.It offers great pleasure riding in the beautiful natural environment.
There is a complete presentation including Taipei 101, train station and Miramar Ferris Wheel. Cruising in the metropolitan city, Players get to see planes and fireworks in motion. Temporary road works and accidents were part of the track design, creating the hustle and bustle of a city.
This track is famous for its landscape in rigid coldness. The winding and curving of the track with seriously damaged and rocky road surface. Racers who like to challenge roads with special turns should never miss this one.
This track features overpass in a double-ring shape and connects the Shanghai Bridge and the old streets.The colorful sight-seeing tunnel decorates the night in Shanghai, attracting racers to have a fun ride!
鈊象电子 feiloli