Stage 1-1: Born to Ride

It’s your 18th birthday and you want to enter your self-built motorcycle into this year’s SPEED RIDER Tournament. However, your father -- who everyone calls ‘Pops’ -- won’t let you enter the race…unless you can beat him first!


Stage 1-2: Unexpected Guest

As soon as you return home, Aura appears and challenges Pops to a race. Before you know it, Pops and Aura are speeding through the streets of Mt. White. Pops tells you to watch the race carefully – he might be trying to use this competition to tell you something!


Stage 1-3: Farewells

Led by Mia, FORTRESS arrives at your doorstep and they’re looking for Pops! According to Mia, Pops is actually a villain called Tyrant! Knowing that this day was bound to come, Pops jumps on his own motorcycle and races away from FORTRESS.


Stage 1-4: Playing Rough

With Tyrant’s escape, FORTRESS turns its attention to you. Mia’s rudeness rubs you the wrong way, and the challenge is on!