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Business Philosophy
Innovative Technology & Creative Recreation

Humanity First & Pursue for Excellence

Sustainable Operation & Profit Sharing

  With "innovative technology & creative recreation" as its enterprise spirit, IGS defines its core technology as developing games with innovation and creativity, in a wish to respond to the fast changing technology. By strengthening the RD competence and cross-platform technology, IGS envisages to operate sustainably.

  Other than innovation and creativity, IGS succeeds by practicing the principles of "humanity First & Always Excellence" and "Sustainable Operation & Profit Sharing." In addition to their concern regarding profit, IGS also underline personnel management. The excellent quality of staff, products and techniques are the foundation of development. The ultimate goals are sustainable operations and a win-win prospect. In the past, IGS used to share company profits by setting up a welfare system and bonus policy. In the wake of being listed on the stock market, IGS expects to share profits with the public.