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Stage I: The Beginning(1991-1996)
Mission: To emerge as a well-known game developer in the Chinese market

Because of the great market potential of arcade machines and the monopoly of Japanese game manufacturers on the mid/high level game market, IGS in 1991 decided to set up its own brand name, develop core technology, and become a famous game developer in the Chinese market. Major works include combat games (e.g. Alien Challenge) and intellectual games (e.g. Dragon World), which not only ended the Japanese monopoly but also successfully established IGS as a famous Chinese brand name.

IGS, International Games System Co., LTD was founded.
Business content included design, RD, manufacturing, marketing, after-sale service for arcade games' software, hardware and facilities.
Successfully developed the first combat game "Alien Challenge”.
Successfully developed the first intellectual game "Dragon World".
Ranked as one of the most excellent importer/exporter in Taiwan.

Stage II: Booming of Arcade Machines (1996-1999)
Mission: To become the top game developer in the Chinese markets

The completion of the Polygame Master (PGM) signifies an important milestone for IGS; that is, other than Japan, IGS became the first top game manufacturer to have its own game platform in Asia. With this game platform as its basis, IGS not only successfully developed various types of intellectual games but also prepared itself for future development of cross-platform games. At this stage, hit products designed by PGM kept appearing in the market, which included Oriental Legend, The Killing Blade, and Knights of Valour. All of these hit products established IGS as the top game manufacture within the Chinese market. The development of a 3D racing game successfully ended Japan's monopoly in the market.

2D Polygame Master (or PGM) was successfully developed.
Successfully developed "Oriental Legend", which was the first edition of a scrolling combat game.
First time to be ranked at No. 943 among the best 1000 manufacturers in "The World Magazine".
Released "The Killing Blade", which was the first PGM combat game designed for two players.
First time to be ranked at No. 1641 among the Cross-industrial business in "The World Magazine" (ranked at No. 903 among the best 1000 manufacturers).
Successfully developed "Speed Driver", which was the first 3D racing game.
Unleashed "Knights of Valour", which was the PGM scrolling action game.

Stage III: Booming of Cross Platform (2000-2003)
Mission: To become the ultimate game developer

In response to the market flow and technological development, IGS insists on practicing its management principles, which is "Core Dedication, Self R&D," by consolidating its core technology. With profound transplanting technology between game machines and the PC game platform, IGS constantly overcomes technical difficulties by fully utilizing the different characteristics of PGM, TSG, and Atomiswave platforms. Being able to react to the impact brought by Network Revolution, IGS performs outstanding and is accredited within the up-and-coming market of simulation machines. There was also tremendous progress with PC game machines. Within three years, IGS has developed various games for a single machine, local area networks and the Internet, which has become its second business focus.

New business item: To design and RD for PC game
Released "Star 31," which was the first PC game.
Successfully unleashed “Rock Fever”, which was the first musical & rhythmic game.
Successfully released “Crazy Dancing”, which was the first dancing machine.
Unleashed "Knights of Valour 2," which was the PGM scrolling action game.
Successfully released “Fighting Club”, which was the world's first game machine for players to fight with both fists and legs.
Released “Rock Fever EX”, which was the series of musical & rhythmic machines.
Successfully unleashed "Demon Front," which was a PGM scrolling shooting game.
Released “Star 31 2002”, which was the first game designed for PC Network
Successfully unleashed “Rock Fever 3”, which was a musical & rhythmic game.
Event to announce public listing
New business item: design, RD, marketing, and operation for online games.
Successfully developed Touch Screen Game, or TSG.
Launched “Fong Shen”, which was the first online game.
Successfully launched "EZ Touch 2", which was the first touch screen game.
Successfully launched "EZ Touch 2 plus", which was the first online touch screen game.
Successfully developed "Knights of Valour: KNIGHTS of VALOUR-THE SEVEN SPIRITS", which was the first Atomiswave Platform scrolling game with different levels.
Successfully developed the first generation of medium manual roulette machines.
Launched "Rock Fever 4", "Rock Fever 4 Remix", which was the musical & rhythmic game machines。
Lunched “The Gradiator”, which was the PGM scrolling motion game.

Stage IV: Overseas Expansion (2004 to date)
Mission: Heading towards the capital market

The game producing industry is a technical and intensive industry. To reinforce brand name recognition, R&D independence is the only way to attract excellent personnel and to become an international company; this is done by collecting more funds. Therefore, IGS actively joins counseling activities. On 2004 March 12, IGS was listed in the emerging stock market and soon listed on the stock market officially. In the future, IGS aims to focus on the game industry by following the concrete goals below: 1. The market share of simulation machines and to become the world number one. 2. Aiming to provide the best game content. 3. Aiming to build up the best game R&D team, aggressively expanding overseas, and gradually become an international and world-class game manufacturer.

Application to be listed in the emerging stock market.
Given the National Outstanding SMEs Award.
Established Hua Xiang Software Tech Co. Ltd, a subsidiary online game developer.
Established Hong Xiang Network Technology. Co Ltd., a subsidiary online game operator.
Successfully developed “Game Tower”, which was a platform for match making games.
Successfully developed "Star 31", which was the fist online match making game.
Successfully released “Percussion Master”, which was the first musical drumming machine.
Released "Top Driver", which was a 3D racing game.