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IGS aims to be the flagship game developer within Great China and the world's top game manufacturer. In the future, the focus remains to be a top game developer with the following mid/long-term goals:

First, to have our share of world's simulator market and to be number one: Japanese companies used to monopolize this high-level market. However, with superior techniques and experience in creating fun and cultural games as well as competitive prices. IGS has ended Japan's monopoly myth and become the top brand in the Chinese market. On top of that, IGS aims to be the world's top manufacture of games. With faith in its wisdom and strength, IGS believes that the goal is within reach.

Second, to provide the best content for online games. Although online games have business opportunities and market potential, most of the game content lacks variety and diversification. IGS has many successful products, which helped cultivated solid RD strength and transplanting technology. Therefore, IGS focuses on the online game market as its new target. In order to become the largest platform provider in Great China area, IGS strives to provide games with best quality and construct an online virtual game center.

Third, formation of the best game R&D team. In addition to actively recruiting the best game engineers in Taiwan, IGS aims to establish an overseas satellite RD center as its long-term goal. Having Great China as its core, IGS endeavors to perfect its R&D team and promote it to be an international and world-class RD center.