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2ed "Move Digitally & Enjoy Recreation", a game contest for digital, recreational and entertaining game machines.
  The Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affair and Digital Content Industry Promotion Office held 2004 National Contest of Digital, Recreational, & Entertaining Game, which started on November 11 and last for a week. Other than local game machines, there were also SEGA machines from Japan in the contest, adding up the variety and competitiveness. Moreover, there was a display venue of relevant game machines sto promote the fresh and healthy image for the domestic entertaining industry.

  IGS sponsored most game machines in the contest, in which the Percussion Master, the popular & brand new musical game machine was open for one player or two players mode. Mushiking by SEGA was designed for players to act against the attack of alien species from an ecological protection point of view. Students who were as young as in the junior high and with IGS-specified cards can join the game. The winner went to who win two times in three games. The contest was also open for teams that was comprised of a parent and an elementary school student.

  To increase variety, there were many shooting games. With the axis motion below the chair, the simulation machines created a sense of excitement for the public who took interest in experiencing it. It started from regional contests in Northern, middle, southern and eastern Taiwan. Dates for regional contests were Nov. 13 in Taipei Youth Activity Center and Kaoshiung Chung-cheng Cultural Center, and Nov. 14 in Taichung Tiger City and Lodong Chung-san Park. The final contest was scheduled on Nov. 20 at the pedestrian area in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A8 &A11 , Taipei Shingyi district. The first two winners from the four regional contests were chosen to participate in the final contest, in which the top three players were awarded with prize and several thousands of dollars.