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IGS released EZ Touch 2, a multi-functional intellectual game machine.
  Successive to 2002 EZ Touch, IGS released the EZ Touch 2, the latest multifunctional game machines, combining versatile information such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation. In addition to updating news from Chinese Television System, the new game also included 6 categories of daily information such as useful phone numbers, travel, gourmet, time table, common sense and lottery. For different players, the machine was designed with 11 recreational games such as Big Chef, Dragon World, Super Comparison, Million Quiz, poker games (like Dodichu) and chess (like Doshaochi). The machines came with great variety of functions, making players to enjoy fun game out side of their homes.

  Definition & Range of Digital, Recreational & Entertaining Industry by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affair
The Digital, Recreational & Entertaining industry refers to an industry with products and services that apply digital technology and creativity, and combine social life and ecology. Therefore, the industry can be separate into three categories:

  1. Digital, Recreational & Entertaining Facilities
Combination of digital technology, creativity and manufacturing, mostly the digital recreational & entertaining machines (such as 3D VR equipment, sports/ combat machines, navigation system, electronic vending machines, and motion theater facilities. Such manufacturers are represented by IGS, Micro Sova, Subsino, and Astro.。

  There was explosive growth of the digital recreational & entertaining game market. Since Taiwan has a complete industrial structure such as information technology, machinery, and modules, it is the best niche for digital recreational & entertaining facilities, among which electronic game machines stand with the greatest potential. According to the White Paper of Korean Digital Content Industry, and the marketing analysis and data of IDSA, IDC, and ECTS, the electronic game machines has a market value worth of US3.09 billion dollars in 2004, which is 46% of the global market value. It is expected there is high potential of growth, and able to boost relevant industries such as IC design, digital game software, network service, theme park, and peripheral knowledge industry.

  2. Ecological & Recreational Service
It is to combine digital technology and ecology so that recreational services is provided. The services include multi-media theme park, motion movie theme park, and museums. The service is represented by Leofoo Village, Jenfunshan, and Chinese Culture and Movie Center.

  Recreation has been an important part of life in recent years. Other than traditional scenic and religious spots, a great emphasis shifts to the digital recreation and entertainment, which combines with ecology. Among them, Leofoo theme park, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, and Window on China, which beside large recreational & entertaining facilities (such as pirate ship, roller coaster, and free fall) are equipped with digital recreational & entertaining facilities. Since the operator always updates with the latest machines, most of the visitors returned for the second time. Since it is the future trend, demand from the domestic market will keep growing and boost the development of new service mode.

  3.Social Life and Recreational Service
It is to combine digital technology and social life so that recreational services is provided. The services include digital recreation center of shopping malls, community digital center, cyber cafe?, and family entertainment center.

  The emerging business model of social life and recreational service boosts the development of Taiwan economy. This service exists around everywhere such as the department store, shopping mall, community recreation center and such information recreation as cyber cafe, which originates shop owners wanted to attract and retain customers by providing network service other than food and drinks. Later with the development of computer technology and boardless network, the business model was transformed from food and drink service provider to be a network service provider. In 2001, Taiwan government officially announced the creation of Information & Recreation Service Industry, which formally categorized cyber cafe as the Information & Recreation Industry.

  The operation model for Information & Recreation Industry is quite special in a way combining content providers of online games, ISP, software/hardware provider, CD-ROM manufacturer, browser provider, design house, and food & drink companies, which become synergy. It helps to bring together all the potential business opportunities and promote the overall economic growth.

  In order to successfully promote the digital, recreational & entertaining industry and create a healthy new image, Government actively plans to set up a digital, recreational & entertaining center. It is expected the establishment of the center would provide the official administration a physical model for reference and review. The buildup of a demonstration spot in Taipei Youth Activity Center started from this July. The Association of Digital Recreational & Entertaining Industry would join together in holding "Digital Recreational & Entertaining--Virtual Reality Show," where they utilized the public space as the demonstration spot for digital, recreational & entertaining industry to create a positive image.

  Moreover, members of the association convened the first preparation meeting on July 6, 2004 and appointed Mr. Lee ke-chu, the chairman of IGS, as the chief commissioner for the association. The purpose is to assist Government to develop and promote the industry in the domestic and foreign market. Meanwhile, by actively participating in the public welfare activities, we aim to create a positive image for the industry. It is believed that the self-discipline and promotion of the industry coming with the government's development plan will be a turning point for the industry.

  To promote the industrial development, Government has held the National Contest for Digital, Recreational, & Entertaining Game Machines in October, which was expected to display results of the development in digital recreational & entertaining facilities. Also, the public could get to experience the realistically the digital recreation and entertainment, which is beneficial to the industry.