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  • Mission:Provide high-quality recreational products and services
    Integrate culture, art, and electronics, create high-quality recreational products and services, and provide healthy and joyful entertainment.

  • Vision: Become a global leader in the education and recreation industry
    Engage the market and consumers, continue to invest in R&D of advanced game technologies, cultivate world-class game talents, lead development in the industry, accumulate R&D capacity and market experience, and become a world-class leader in the education and recreation industry.
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Innovative Technology & Creative Recreation

International Games System Co., Ltd. was officially established in 1991. In response to immense market opportunities in arcade games, IGS established and continued its own brand and independent R&D of key technologies as it aims to emerge as a well-known game developer in the Chinese market.
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  • OVERTAKE VRArcade Games

    5-D VR racing game.Random incidents occur in combination with bullet times to create movie-like thrilling scenarios .Play with your friends and challenge the fastest race.

  • 火線狂飆DXArcade Games

    4D動感平台!千種賽道串連組合 百種突發爆破事件

  • 金猴爺老虎機Mobile Games


  • 機鬥勇者Arcade Games


  • 撞球好手-勝者為王Mobile Games


  • Monster Eye2Arcade Games

    Enjoy the Excitement of Bombarding Monsters! The Best Motion Gaming! Surpass 5D movie theaters!

  • 唯舞獨尊Mobile Games

    《唯舞獨尊》不僅是一般的線上音樂跳舞遊戲, 更是一款結合時尚流行趨勢及結交好友的娛樂平台。這將是一款以時尚,前衛,流行,個性為一體的全新遊戲。


Talents are the most important assets of IGS and they are provided with a spacious and comfortable office environment and professional equipment to improve overall R&D quality
With phenomenal performance in operations, we provide outstanding employees with a rewarding benefits system. We welcome people like you who are passionate about games.