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Election of Independent Directors

    The Candidate Nomination System was adopted for the election of Independent Directors of the Company in accordance with Article 192-1 of the Company Act and it was specified in the Company's Articles of Incorporation.
    In the election of the Company's 12th-term Independent Directors, the Chairman nominated two Independent Director candidates (Mr. W. K. Tai and Mr. Michael Chu) for review in the 17th meeting of the 11th-term Board of Directors. The nomination was discussed and passed in the meeting of the Board of Directors and it was filed to the Company in writing along with related certification documents within the period in which the Company accepts nominations of Independent Director candidates. The Board of Directors reviewed the list of Independent Director candidates after the nomination period and it determined in the 18th meeting of the 11th-term Board of Directors that the candidates satisfy all criteria for Independent Directors specified in Article 192-1 of the Company Act. The list of candidates was forwarded to the 2018 general shareholders' meeting for election and appointment.

   On June 26, 2018, the shareholders' meeting voted on the independent director candidates and elected as Independent Directors W. K. Tai and Michael Chu. The results of the election were as follows:
Title Name of candidate Votes received
Independent Director W. K. Tai 32,159,224
Independent Director Michael Chu 32,159,217

Candidates' qualifications (detailed in table below):
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