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Monthly Revenue

Unit: NT$1,000
Month Operating income Value in the Previous Year Increase/decrease ratio in the current month
JAN 1,310,995 1,149,191 14.08

Please refer to the "Market Observation Post System" for past information. Instructions for queries are as follows:

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  2. Please enter the company code: 3293
  3. Select"Statement of Sales Revenue(after adopting IFRSs)"
  • Investor Relations Contacts

    Shareholder services:Ssu-Yu Sung
    Contact Number:02-22995048#1228

    Investor communication platform:
    Acting Spokesperson:A-Chien Chen, President
    Contact Number:02-22995048#1300


  • Stock transfer agency

    Department of Stock Affairs, Capital Securities Corporation
    Address:B2, No. 97, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Taipei City (10601)