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About IGS

Information Security Policy and Goals

Information Security Policy
  • Enhance internal control and prevent unauthorized access to ensure adequate protection of information assets
  • Adequate protection of the confidentiality and integrity of information assets
  • Ensure that information is not leaked to an unauthorized third party in the delivery process or through unintended actions
  • Ensure all information security accidents or suspicious security vulnerabilities are reported through appropriate reporting mechanisms and implement suitable investigations and procedures

Information Security Goals
  • Continue to enhance overall information security management system and capabilities
  • Improve information security management and professional technical capabilities
  • Strengthen the information security management of "International Games System Co., Ltd." and ensure that the ISO/IEC 27001 Standards and certification continue to be valid
  • Ensure the continuous operations of "ISO/IEC 27001"information services and establish cost-effective business sustainability plans
  • The quantified information security goals for the year may be established in the management review meeting