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Internal Audit

The Company's internal audit unit reports directly to the Board of Directors and it maintains its independence in the exercise of its duties.
The audit is mainly performed in accordance with the audit plan passed by the Board of Directors.
The internal audit unit conducts routine audits on the ten major cycles in the Company's internal controls. It also conducts special audit procedures based on requirements to ensure the implementation of the internal control system.
The internal audit reveals that in addition to reports in routine meetings of the Board of Directors, reports are filed to the Chairman and Independent Directors each month or whenever necessary.
The Internal Audit Manager of the Company is Pei-Hua Chen who supervises the auditor Clare Lin.
Internal audit organization Internal audit operating procedures Communication between independent directors, supervisors and internal audit manager and CPA.
Communication between Independent Directors, Supervisors, Internal Audit Managers, and CPAs
  • The Audit Office reports the findings of the internal control audit and the follow-up matter which is required by Independent Directors or Supervisors via e-mail before 10th of each month and reports the implementation status of the audit in the meetings of Board of Directors each quarter. In the event of material irregularities, the internal audit items are reported to Independent Directors and Supervisors immediately and meetings shall be called when necessary.
  • The Internal Audit Manager shall report to the Independent Directors at least once every quarter, fully communicate and explain the status of internal audit and internal operations. Material irregularities are immediately reported. Where necessary, meetings of the Independent Directors and Supervisors may be called.
Implementation Status and Results
Up to now, no major anomalies have been discovered in 2018.
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