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  • Why did the Company terminate the contract with Company A? Was the termination initiated by the Company or Company A?

      Due to rapid changes in the online game market, Company A reviewed the market environment and adjusted its development strategy after nearly two years of collaboration with the Company. It expressed its intent to discontinue the partnership and both parties agreed to terminate the partnership. The Company agreed to terminate the original partnership with Company A in the resolution of the Board of Directors on June 27th, 2017. We estimate that by the end of July 2017, all games previously authorized by Company A shall be removed from the Company's webpages and platforms. The Company shall take over this platform and member players and rebrand the platform as "Golden HoYeah" game platform to continue to provide games produced by the Company and maintain services on the platform. The rights and interests of the players will not be affected.
  • The Company's stock price has fallen so much since the shareholder's meeting this year. If revenue from the Fafafa game was not as poor as expected, why does the stock price remain low? Why doesn't the Company buy back treasury stocks to st

      The Company focuses on the operations of its core businesses. The stock price is an expression of market conditions and shareholder's structure and cannot be controlled by the Company. In addition, the Company's profits are always provided as feedback to shareholders and the dividends distribution rate has been very high. The retained earnings are retained as operating capital and the Company's operations may be affected if they are used to purchase treasury stocks. The market's response to the stock price is temporary. Investors should be more concerned about business performance instead of financial operations in response to stock prices. However, if the Company has plans for employee bonuses at a time of irrational decline in stock prices, we will request instructions from supervisors and the Board of Directors regarding the feasibility of treasury stocks.
  • The Company's performance has been outstanding this year but the Company's price–earnings ratio is severely underrated when compared to other high-price stocks. Does the Company have the resolve to defend its stock price?

      The Company focuses on the operations of its core businesses. The stock price is an expression of market conditions and shareholder's structure and cannot be controlled by the Company. The Company does not intend to focus on the stock price and investors must consider their own financial strengths and risk tolerance and manage their positions for investment.
  • Why didn't the Company appoint a male spokesperson which might help respond to irrational shareholders?

      The opinions of shareholders shall be forwarded to supervisors and the Board of Directors as reference for arrangements on the candidate.
  • Please discuss the Company's views on the fourth quarter and future prospects. How is the Company's performance in self-produced games since the termination of the contract with Company A in Australia in June? Will there be urgent orders from th

       In the fourth quarter, even though October would appear to be the lowest point in the quarter, business will grow in November and December. Although the revenue in the fourth quarter may not reach standards in the third quarter, the Company's EPS has reached NT$9.82 as of the end of the third quarter. We intend to reach the annual revenue we attained in the previous year. In terms of the Company's current profitability structure, if our revenue can be close to the revenue of the previous year, the profitability may be better than the previous year.
       If we continue the operating structure, we expect stable growth in the next year.
       We announced the termination of the contract with the Australian gambling company Aristocrat in the shareholder's meeting at the end of June. We estimated a reduction in revenue of NT$28 million each month and a reduction in profits of NT$7 million per month. It would be difficult for the profitability in the entire year to exceed levels in the previous year. However, under the leadership of the President Mr. Chen and with the hard work of the team, our performance has been better than expected.
       In terms of arcade games, we will continue to focus on the markets in China, Southeast Asia, and the United States. We will also launch new products such as VR and children's card games.
       In terms of online games, we renamed the "Fafafa" game developed in collaboration with Aristocrat to "Golden HoYeah" in August and maintained a line-up of more than 10 games. With revenue from the "Star 3 in 1" game platform and overseas royalties, we expect to achieve stable growth in overall revenue next year.
      However, the performance of new products in the gaming industry must be tested by the market before conclusions can be drawn. The greatest risk associated with arcade games is the change of regulations in different countries. The uncertainty in revenue is high and investors should pay attention to the impact of these risks on revenue.
      There will not be urgent orders from the Italian market this year like those in the previous year.
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