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Dividend Policy
According to Article 25 of the Company's Articles of Incorporation, the Dividend Policy is provided as follows:

    Pursuant to Article 25 of the Articles of Incorporation, the surplus earning distribution or loss off-setting proposal may be proposed at the close of each half fiscal year. A company distributing surplus earning in accordance with the provision of the preceding paragraph shall estimate and reserve the compensation for employees and directors, taxes and dues to be paid, the losses to be covered and the legal reserve to be set aside. Where such legal reserve amounts to the total paid-in capital, this provision shall not apply. The Board of Directors shall set aside or reverse the special reserve as required by law or the authority. The Board of Directors shall prepare a proposal for the appropriation of the remaining earnings, including any unappropriated earnings at the beginning of the period.The company distributing surplus earning in the form of new shares to be issued by the company shall be submitted to the shareholders' meeting for resolution; if such surplus earning is distributed in the form of cash, it shall be approved by a meeting of the board of directors.

    Authorize the surplus earning, legal reserve, and capital reserve in the preceding Paragraph may be paid in cash after a resolution has been adopted by a majority vote at a meeting of the board of directors attended by two-thirds of the total number of directors; and in addition thereto a report of such distribution shall be submitted to the shareholders’ meeting.

    The Company's dividend policy is formulated in coordination with current and future development plans, takes into consideration the investment environment, funding requirements, and domestic and international competition, as well as shareholders' interests. No less than 10% of distributable earnings each year shall be allocated as shareholders dividends. However, dividends do not need to be distributed if distributable earnings is lower than 90% of paid-in capital. Dividends may be distributed to shareholders in cash or stock, in which cash dividends may not be lower than 20% of all dividends. However, the type and percentage of earnings distribution may be adjusted by resolution of the shareholders' meeting based on actual profits and funds that year.

Ex-right and dividend information
Year Cash dividends (NTD) Stock dividends (NTD Total dividends (NTD) Ex-right and dividend record date Distribution date Tax deductible ratio
2023 35.000 10.000 45.000 2024/07/30 2024/08/28 NA
2022 35.000 0 35.000 2023/07/23 2023/08/15 NA
2021 50.000 10.000 60.000 2022/08/02 2022/08/31 NA
2020 42.000 0 42.000 2021/08/29 2021/09/17 NA
2019 25.000 0 25.000 2020/08/30 2020/09/18 NA
2018 11.000 0 11.000 2019/09/01 2019/09/20 NA
2017 11.000 0 11.000 2018/09/02 2018/09/21 NA
2016 10.000 0 10.000 2017/09/03 2017/09/22 15.40% 
2015 4.500 0 4.500 2016/08/31 2016/09/23 17.43%
2014 2.800 0 2.800 2015/08/31 2015/09/18 18.37%
2013 1.995 0 1.995 2014/08/31 2014/09/19 20.40%
2012 5.500 0 5.500 2013/08/14 2013/09/09 19.67%
2011 11.000 0 11.000 2012/07/14 2012/08/03 13.69%
2010 9.500 0 9.500 2011/06/26 2011/07/15 12.63%
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