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Dividend Policy
According to Article 26 of the Company's Articles of Incorporation, the Dividend Policy is provided as follows:

    Article 26 Any net profit after tax in the final accounts of the Company for the fiscal year shall be allocated to make up for cumulative losses (including adjustments for undistributed earnings) and the Company shall set aside 10% of the earnings as statutory surplus reserve. However, this requirement shall not apply if the cumulative statutory surplus reserve has reached the Company's total paid-up capital. The balance shall then be allocated or reversed to the special reserve based on laws or the regulations of the competent authorities. The Board of Directors shall draft an earnings distribution proposal regarding the remainder of the surplus as well as accumulated undistributed earnings at the beginning of the period (including adjusted and undistributed earnings) for approval at the shareholders' meeting to allocate dividends to shareholders.

    The Company's Dividend Policy is formulated based on current and future development plans, the investment environment, requirements for capital, domestic and international competition, and the interest of shareholders. The Company shall allocate no less than 10% of the distributable earnings for the distribution of shareholder dividends each year. However, dividends may be canceled if the earnings available for distribution are less than 90% of the paid-up capital. Dividends for shareholders may be distributed in cash or shares. Cash dividends shall not be lower than 20% of total dividends. However, the type and ratio of earnings distribution may be adjusted in a resolution of the shareholders' meeting based on the actual profitability in the current fiscal year and the funding requirements.

Ex-right and dividend information
Year Cash dividends (NTD) Stock dividends (NTD Total dividends (NTD) Ex-right and dividend record date Distribution date Tax deductible ratio
2019 25.000 0 25.000 2020/08/30 2020/09/18 NA
2018 11.000 0 11.000 2019/09/01 2019/09/20 NA
2017 11.000 0 11.000 2018/09/02 2018/09/21 NA
2016 10.000 0 10.000 2017/09/03 2017/09/22 15.40% 
2015 4.500 0 4.500 2016/08/31 2016/09/23 17.43%
2014 2.800 0 2.800 2015/08/31 2015/09/18 18.37%
2013 1.995 0 1.995 2014/08/31 2014/09/19 20.40%
2012 5.500 0 5.500 2013/08/14 2013/09/09 19.67%
2011 11.000 0 11.000 2012/07/14 2012/08/03 13.69%
2010 9.500 0 9.500 2011/06/26 2011/07/15 12.63%
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